Geographically Sindh possess great importance regarding Agriculture due to the Indus River that passes through its middle and in the end falls in Arabian Sea. Its favorable and fertile land produces all kinds of crops abundantly. In order to systemize agriculture, Department of Agriculture has been established to support strengthen agriculture for the prosperity of the province. The major thrusts of the Agriculture Department are:

  • Modernization of agriculture research
  • Advancement of mechanized agriculture
  • Strong market information system
  • Improved agriculture extension service; and Water Management

The Government of Sindh through Agriculture Department implemented number of projects financially assisted by Donors and Government of Pakistan as well as from its own resources under ADPs. The Agricultural Engineering & Water Management wing of Agriculture Department has played a pivot role in the development of Agriculture Sector, specifically divert the attention towards Water Conservation and Productivity Enhancement for more cropping intensity and crop yields.

Management & Development Foundation organized two (2) training workshops under title "Three Day Specialized Training on Social Mobilization and Community Development Aspects" with the support of Directorate General Agricultural Engineering & Water Management, Government of Sindh to the staff of the project, On Farm Water Management (OFWM) funded by World Bank. It was conducted in a training hall of SAFWCO Head Office Qasimabad on February 2-4 and 6-8, 2012.

The 39 participants of the two workshops were Assistant Directors, Agricultural Agronomists, Sub Engineers and Water Management Officers of project field and supervisory staff of Directorate General Agricultural Engineering & Water Management, Sindh on the project "On Farm Water Management (OFWM)".

The main objective of the training was to learn the various techniques of social mobilization and community development aspects by the officers/staff of Directorate General Agricultural Engineering & Water Management, Sindh through organizing 3-day training workshops.